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Fruit, Pear & Nut Tree Pruning

Florida is famous for so many wonderful things! Our beaches, Sunshine, Majestic Palms, Beautiful Oaks, and of course, our Fruit and Citrus Trees, to name a few. Many of Florida residents have different types of fruit trees to enjoy. As with all Trees, however, they must be properly maintained to produce their best and longest.
Jacksonville Tree Service is happy to offer Fruit Tree Pruning along with our other range of services. Fruit Trees need to be tended each season. The Best time to prune fruit trees is during the winter months while the tree is dormant, but pruning can be done during the summer also. Trimming and pruning fruit trees can be molded so the tree is not only easily manageable, but visually attractive as well.
Jacksonville Tree Service will improve your fruit trees' health and productivity. They will prune and shape your trees to allow plenty of sunshine through the canopy, and easy access to the fruit!
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Pruning fruit trees is best in dormant winter months, but may also be performed in summer. Get Your Fruit Trees looking their best with abundant harvests and long lives!

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