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Live Oaks Trimmed

Majestic and beautiful, the Live Oak tree is native throughout Florida. When mature, they reach a height of 60 to 80 feet with a spread of 80 to 120 feet. These treasures provide welcome shade in parks, gardens and yards during the long, humid FL. summers. Get your free Live Oak tree trimming quote now and save!

Free Estimates (904) 352-2230

Caring for Live Oaks ensures they will reach maturity and continue being a source of pride in our state. Pruning young Live Oaks develops a well-structured canopy. Light trimming can be performed on Live Oaks throughout the year. Limb cutting and pruning should be done during winter months on older, established Live Oaks while the tree is dormant.
Prevent as much damage as possible on your Live Oaks by having trimming done Before the worst of the storm season (before August and September) . When the tree canopy is trimmed, the tree is actually more resilient and able to withstand strong winds better. Turn to Jacksonville Tree Service for all Your Live Oak Trimming, Pruning, & Cutting Needs.

Keep your Live Oak trees their glorious best by regular, seasonal trimming, cutting , and pruning by the best Arborists and Tree Crews available, Jacksonville Tree Service. Call Today for a Free Assessment and Quote!

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