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What would Florida be without our stately Palm Trees? The state is synonymous with beautiful Palms, turquoise beaches, and sunshine. Like every living thing, our Palms require care to thrive and remain healthy. Trimming is essential to the health and growth of Palm Trees. However, Palm Tree Trimming done incorrectly is devastating to the trees, allowing a host of diseases to form and ending up in the death of the Tree. Palm are very costly to replace, so you need a Tree Service with the expertise and experience of Jacksonville Tree Service. There are so many variables involved in trimming and pruning palms such as : When to trim?, How often?, How much?

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According to Florida state laws and regulations, our palms must also be kept trimmed and pruned for Safety reasons and these guidelines are modified annually! The Arborists and Certified Crew Members with Jacksonville Tree Service stay current always on legislation regarding palms and bring that information and care to Your Landscaping. 
Allow Jacksonville Tree Service to keep your palms healthy, thriving, and in accord with any and all regulations. You enjoy the beauty and magnificence and leave the work to us! Call Today to schedule your Free Assessment and Quote! We look forward to the privilege of Serving You!

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