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St. Johns Tree Service is the Premier Tree Service company in St. Johns, Jacksonville, and throughout our beautiful state of Florida.  The training our crew members receive is intensive and extensive to handle any situation you require. Our countless new and repeat clients yearly testify to the quality of our work. Foresters, Arborists, and Certified Crew Members comprise our teams and they will improve your trees' health, renew their vibrancy, or remove them properly if necessary. All at a price and time frame we know you will be pleased with.

What We Do:
(Included, but not limited to):

Tree Trimming& Pruning
Tree Cutting & Shaping
 Stump Grinding
Lot Clearing & Debris Removal
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Tree Removal
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St. Johns Tree Service caters to all types and sizes of properties: Commercial and Residential, many wooded acres, a few favorite trees in a small backyard, and everywhere in-between. Throughout Florida, and much of the southeastern United States, we have gained an impeccable reputation for our attention to all details, diagnostic ability, and utilizing the proper methods to restore, cultivate, and conserve our trees. You can trust your trees to us for a stunning landscape at reasonable prices for the degree of quality work your trees will receive.

What Causes These Dangerous Tree Cavities?

Dedicated to doing things Right!

St. Johns Tree Service is a licensed, professional company that brings 40+ years of knowledge and hands-on experience to your trees.  We have been beautifying and enhancing the Commercial and Residential properties in Florida, and taking pride in that accomplishment. Our team members are dedicated to doing their work Right and it shows in every branch we trim. Crews are Abundant that are indifferent and uncaring about the job they do. These type of crews can not only cause irreparable damage to your trees' growth functions, but kill them through carelessness as well.
We all appreciate the aesthetic value of trees-they increase the financial value of our homes substantially also. Don't trust your trees to a lesser company-St. Johns Tree Service is adept at recognizing and rectifying any type of problem your trees may have developed and no company has the wealth of information and experience of all tree species indigenous to FL. and those which are not.

Emergency Service 24/7

Storm Cleanup

St. Johns Tree Service is more than just a business, it is a Family Legacy. Established by the Allred Family over 40 years ago, we have consistently used Master Arborists, Foresters, and Certified Crew Members to care for your trees.. For three generations Quality, Affordability, and Customer Satisfaction have been strictly adhered to. Our goal at St. Johns Tree Service is to provide you with an experience that is safe, satisfying, and one you will enjoy for a lifetime. We are fully insured for your peace of mind, have a full menu of tree care services, from Tree Analysis to White-Glove Tree Removal, and a Company you can feel confident about entrusting your valuable trees to.

A Family Legacy...

of caring for trees!

With services available in all areas of Florida, St. Johns Tree Service is convenient, and will match your needs And budget. We will meet and exceed your expectations from the initial call to Customer Service, through every member of our team you meet. We all have the same mind-set: Excellence in all we do!

Our friendly, helpful Customer Service staff answers calls and sets appointments 24/7. Call Today to schedule your Free Assessment & Quote from the Best crews available!

St. Johns Tree Service, a division of Jacksonville Tree Service, employs the latest techniques and equipment on each jobsite, plus we surpass all Health & Safety Regulations. In fact, due to client recommendation, we are the go-to Tree Service company for many Local Authorities, private companies, and our friends and neighbors as well.
Find out for yourself what your trees have been missing-the best care from people who care.. Call Now  @ 904-352-2230 to schedule your Free Assessment. Then, Relax, let us do the work, and enjoy the benefits of Magnificent Trees surrounding your Home!

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32259, 32079, 32043, 32092, 32095, 32092, 32003, 32065, 32073, 32223, 32238, 32257, 32256  If you do not see your zip code, call us anyway. We cover a very extensive area and will travel where necessary to service your trees.

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