Jacksonville Stump Grinding And Removal

Unsightly tree stump still lingering in your yard? This can devalue your property and create an unsightly mess. Tree stumps can also create a hazard to playing children and animals, damage to lawn mower equipment, and the opportunity for nesting of insects. Most homeowners are meticulous about their yard's appearance and the removal of a tree stump is a must. 

Different varieties of tree stumps can even sprout new tree growth causing additional problems that will have to be addressed later on. 

Old stumps can be a pain and grinding those old stumps into mulch is an important part of the tree removal process. At Jacksonville we take stump grinding very seriously. We understand it is a specialized process and needs to be completed by a stump grinding professional. We'll grind the stumps after we've removed the trees, leaving you with a lovely lot to enjoy for years to come that's ready for your construction project.

Stump Grinding Cost Estimate 

At Jacksonville Tree Service we provide free written estimates for all our services including stump grinding. The stump grinding cost depends on a number of factors.

How large is the stump and are there additional roots that need to be addressed that can determine the amount of time it will take to complete the project?

Are there other concerns like removing any fencing or underground hazards like irrigation or cable lines that need to be temporarily moved?

Are we removing the wood chips above the surface of the ground? Usually, we rake all wood chipped ground debris into an organized pile.

After we remove the tree and are there multiple tree stumps that need to be addressed?

These and other factors can have a bearing on the price but these considerations are small compared to leaving a raised tree stump in the ground and the complications that will arise later on. At Jacksonville Tree Service we pride ourselves on being the best tree service available. We love what we do and we enjoy helping customers beautify their property. Call us today at 0000000000 for a free consultation and estimate on your next tree removal or stump grinding project.
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